FatFace to donate percentage of sales of jumper to breast cancer charity after 'boob bunting' design goes viral

A clothing company has said they will donate a percentage of sales of a jumper to a breast cancer awareness charity after the sweater's "boob bunting" design went viral.

FatFace said they felt "like a bit of a melon" after online shoppers pointed out the £56 Felicity Fair Isle jumper's pattern looked a little suggestive.

In response to the feedback, FatFace said they will now be donating 10% from the sale of the jumper to CoppaFeel! A charity that focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging woman under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

A commentator on FatFace's website described the pattern as "bizarre" and pointed out that "once you notice the row of breasts across the chest, you can't unsee it. Incredible."

One shopper said anyone sporting the jumper should not be surprised if they get "a few curious glances whilst out shopping or taking tea."

FatFace will donate 10% of sales of the Felicity jumper to breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! Credit: FatFace

Another one said: "Wear this and you will find yourself constantly asking ‘Why are you staring at my boobs?’"

One commentator joked "nothing I like more than images of melons on my melons."

Replying to comments on their website, FatFace said: "Thanks for your feedback! We've got to be honest, we feel like a bit of a melon... But whilst booby bunting wasn’t quite the look our designers were going for, we’re embracing it.

"That’s why we’re grabbing life by the boobs and donating 10% from the sale of this jumper to breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel!"