What happened on the night of the Grenfell Tower fire?

The night of June 14, 2017 saw fire engulf the 24-storey residential Grenfell Tower block in North Kensington, London.

Here is a timeline of the key events of the deadly blaze:

12.50am - A neighbour wakes up resident Maryam Adam, 41, saying his fourth-floor flat is on fire.

The fire broke out in the kitchen of Flat 16 on the tower's fourth floor. Credit: Grenfell Inquiry

12.54am - London Fire Brigade receive the first of "multiple" 999 calls.

1am - The first fire crews arrive to be faced with a "rapidly developing and incredibly complex" fire at the 24-storey building.

CCTV captured the first firefighters entering the tower. Credit: Grenfell Inquiry

1.16am - Police begin evacuating residents after being called to the scene at the Lancaster West Estate and officers confirm "a number of people" have been injured.

1.29am - London Ambulance Service receive reports of the fire and send 20 ambulance crews and a hazardous response team.

1.41am - A picture of the fire is posted on social media by Twitter user Fabio Bebber, with the caption: "Fire consuming Grenfell Tower. People screaming for their lives. Horrible."

1.46am - Footage shared on Twitter shows the fire has spread to both sides of the building and the night sky is illuminated orange.

2.34am - Tweets suggest someone has been seen on the top floor using a flashlight to draw attention.

2.49am - London Fire Brigade confirm 200 firefighters have been called to the blaze.

The inquiry heard the tower cladding 'created multiple catastrophic fire-spread routes'. Credit: Grenfell Inquiry

4.43am - As the sun rises in London smoke can be seen pouring into the morning sky. Reports emerge of witnesses saying they have seen people throwing children from the burning tower block while others have reportedly tied bedsheets together to climb down.

Firefighters fought the flames as thick black smoke billowed into the sky. Credit: Grenfell Inquiry

6.15am - London Ambulance Service confirm 30 patients have been taken to five hospitals.

7.50am - London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton confirms there have been a "number of fatalities" at the fire.

8.15am - London Ambulance Service revise the number of patients taken to hospital to more than 50.

11.16am - Police confirm six people have died but say that figure is expected to rise.

Emergency services attending to the scene at the 24-storey tower. Credit: PA

11.45am - London Ambulance Service say 64 patients have been taken to hospital and that 20 are in critical care. A further 10 people are reported to have made their own way to hospital.

11.59am - Construction firm Rydon, which completed a refurbishment of Grenfell Tower in 2016, says it is "shocked to hear of the devastating fire".

Emergency responders said they had never faced a fire like Grenfell before. Credit: PA

5.00pm - The police confirm that the death toll has increased to 12 and warn the recovery operation will be "long and complex".

8.22pm - Prime Minister Theresa May says there will be a "proper investigation" following the fire, adding: "If there are any lessons to be learned they will be, and action will be taken."

Theresa May faced criticism for not meeting victims and families on her first visit to Grenfell. Credit: PA

Theresa May faced criticism for not meeting victims and families on her first visit to Grenfell.

Seventy-two people ultimately died as a result of the fire, which became subject to a major public inquiry.

The report into the first phase of the inquiry, seen by ITV News, ruled the fire brigade's planning and preparation procedures for evacuating a high-rise building were "gravely inadequate".

It claims the best part of an hour was "lost" before the advice to "stay put" was overturned. Had it come earlier, it could have "resulted in fewer fatalities", the inquiry report claims.

The inquiry's second phase, which starts in 2020, will look at the decisions on the refurbishment of the tower when the cladding was added.

The 72 victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.