Warning to commuters as passenger distracted by mobile phone falls in front of oncoming train

Authorities in Spain are warning about the dangers of commuters using their mobiles on station platforms after a woman stepped on to the tracks as a train approached.

Metro de Madrid released CCTV of the moment a passenger who is distracted by her phone walks towards the edge of the platform as she hears the train approach, where the train doors would otherwise be, failing to notice that the train is still some distance away.

The woman steps right off the edge, and falls onto the rails.

Luckily, the train grinds to a halt, just meters away and passengers scramble to help the commuter.

The woman was not seriously injured in the fall.

The passenger walks towards the edge of the platform while using her mobile phone. Credit: Madrid Metro

The transport authority released its recording of the incident at the Estrecho station, calling on passengers to "look up from their mobile phones when walking along the platform."

It warned "not looking up when you are waiting for the subway is a distraction that can prove expensive."