Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage begins his nationwide General Election campaign tour

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage will visit Bolsover and Ashfield on Tuesday as he begins a nationwide election campaign tour.

Mr Farage will be visiting a boxing gym as he takes the fight to Labour Leave seats.

This heavyweight contest could end up with more split votes rather than split lips.

The danger is that the Brexit Party and the Conservatives knock themselves out as they both scrap for Labour leave voters in the North, allowing Jeremy Corbyn to win in those seats without even taking a blow.

The Brexit Party is hoping to stand 600 candidates in the election. Credit: PA

The offer to the Tories of a "Leave Alliance" is still on the table until November 14 when nominations close and deposits have to then be paid.

If Boris Johnson continues to resist calls to "drop the deal" and join Nigel Farage to negotiate a Free Trade Deal with the EU, then around 600 Brexit Party candidates will stand.

On Wednesday, watch out Workington! The Brexit Party band rolls into town.

Will the now infamous 'Workington Man' (working class, leave supporting) be tempted away from Labour and the Tories by the Brexit Party?

Behind the scenes, there are some cold feet, some questioning whether the plan to field around 600 Brexit Party candidates can last the course.

A few candidates have dropped out.

Some candidates have defected to other parties. Credit: PA

Paul Brothwood, who’d been selected to stand in Dudley South for the Brexit Party, has now joined the Tories.

He told me the “plan is doomed”.

Polling numbers he shared with me show how the Brexit Party could well take votes from the Tories in Leave seats and allow Labour or the Lib Dems to win.

Nigel Farage dismissed Paul Brothwood as “a lobbyist” when I asked him about the defection.

Senior party advisors say they expected a few candidates to drop out during the first few days.

Interesting footnote, around 3000 people applied to be Brexit Party candidates.

Many paid a 100 pound admin fee. Raising roughly the same amount as 600 lost deposits...just a thought that some Tories are clinging onto.