A hungry bear who found itself trapped in a bin has had a helping hand from two kind-hearted police officers.

The animal, known as T-shirt because of the white markings on its chest, found itself caught in the waste receptacle at Kings Beach on the California-Nevada border.

Local police officers, filmed by the on board cameras of their patrol cars, can be seen lending a helping hand to the bear.

One of the officers uses a long stick to loosen the catches on the bin to allow the bear to escape, while another uses his "bear" hands, but quickly flees when the huge mammal turns towards him.

Eventually one of the officers lifts a lid, while the bear manages to raise the other.

The bear managed to escape, with a little help from police officers. Credit: Placer County Sheriff’s Office

At one point, the animal - no doubt frightened by the noise of the bin lid opening - lets out a roar, sending one of the police officers running away.

This was not the first time the bear had encounter the long arm of the "paw".

Posting on their Facebook, Placer County Sheriff’s Office said: "He is a local bear and has had prior run-ins with our deputies.

"Luckily for T-Shirt, Deputies Bertoni and Staley were able to help him get out of his predicament," they added.