Nigel Farage aims to deliver knockout blow as Brexit Party targets 'Workington man'

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

Round one of the Nigel Farage campaign tour was a visit to a boxing gym. The clear message, that the gloves are off, the Brexit Party will be fighting for the Leave vote in seats that the Conservatives are also targeting.

The offer that Mr Farage made to the Prime Minister to join a ‘Leave Alliance’ has so far been rejected. So the heavyweight Farage vs Johnson contest is on and will be fought mainly in Labour Leave battlegrounds.

Both the Brexit Party and the Conservatives believe that the current Labour Brexit policy will simply not resonate with the majority of people who voted Leave in areas that are regarded as Labour heartlands. Both parties believe this Labour votes are up for grabs.

Next stop for Nigel Farage will be Workington. Home of the now famous ‘Workington Man’, shorthand for a working class, pro-Brexit voter.

Which way Workington man votes may well decide this election. Places like Workington in the North West are precisely where the Conservatives need to win seats if they have any chance of returning with a decent majority.