Jeremy Corbyn tells party faithful that Labour will unite Leavers and Remainers

  • Video report by ITV Political Correspondent Romilly Weeks

Jeremy Corbyn accused Boris Johnson of trying to take us "over a cliff edge and into the arms of his friend Donald Trump" through a no-deal Brexit.

The Labour leader was addressing the party faithful at a rally in Manchester and repeated his mantra that the "NHS is not for sale".

He said the health service was "the proudest achievement" of the party and assured "under Labour we will have a health service, not a market."

Mr Corbyn said the Labour party had passed a milestone, as public donations for the election reached the £1 million mark.

He said: "When a few months ago I promised you a people powered election campaign the like of which the country have never seen before, I saw some people look sceptical.

"But this afternoon, we passed a milestone."

Addressing the 3,000-strong rally, Mr Corbyn said Labour is the party that stands for social justice, including ending zero hour contracts and introducing a £10 living wage.

He said Labour will seek to unite Leavers and Remainers if they gain power in the General Election.

Mr Corbyn addressed the 3000-strong rally in Manchester. Credit: PA

The Labour leader said it was essential to avoid setting families and communities against each other because they voted different ways in the EU referendum.

"After December 12 we will be in government and the first thing we will do is try and bring people together over Brexit," he said.

"Don't set one family against the other. Bring people together because both those families, both those communities, need a Labour government that will deal with injustice and poverty and inequality in our society because that is what were are about."

And he renewed the party's pledge to nationalise rail, mail, water and the national grid and to scrap university tuition fees under a Labour government.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn unveils the Labour battle bus while on the campaign trail in Liverpool. Credit: PA

"I do not think that it is right that somebody goes to university and leaves with a debt of 40, 50, 60 thousand pounds. It simply is not sensible," Mr Corbyn said.

He concluded his speech by saying Labour will take a message of "unity, optimism and hope" to supporters and "what we can achieve as a party and a movement".

"So, I ask all of you: do everything you can, come out there, help us elect a Labour government, help us create that fairer and more just society," Mr Corbyn said.

"Help us win on December 12."