Nigel Farage keeps open offer of 'leave alliance'

Nigel Farage travelled to Wales on Friday where he made the case for a "leave alliance".

The Brexit party frontman has made an offer to the Conservatives as he looks to avoid returning a pro-Remain parliament at the General Election.

Mr Farage claims the Brexit party would have a greater chance of beating Labour certain seats if the Conservatives withdrew candidates from the constituencies.

"We will take more Labour votes than Conservative votes," Mr Farage told ITV News.

"The argument, the logic: after the Peterborough by-election and the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, which both could have been won by leavers being won in both cases by remainers, there is an argument, a very good argument here for putting something together that means that leave wins.

"It just needs two things. Number one: a policy shift so that Boris promises to toughen up on where we are right now and, number two, it needs the Conservative party to accept that an alliance makes sense and we give them a big majority.

"I am not splitting anyone's vote, I have put a very reasonable offer on the table, that, at the moment, has been refused."

Despite claims earlier in the week that Boris Johnson would need to take his withdrawal agreement off the table to earn the cooperation of the Brexit party, Mr Farage's stance seems to have softened already.

"Ideally we drop the whole thing, but we don't necessarily always live in an ideal world we need to be pragmatic. He's got to get rid of endless transition."

Mr Farage was also confronted by a elderly local resident who questioned his courage, due to his refusal to stand as a parliamentary candidate.

The Brexit party leader tried to laugh off the remarks and explained he made his decision in order to campaign around the country.

Previously, Mr Farage has failed to be elected to the House of Commons on seven separate occasions.

  • A local resident confronts Nigel Farage over his decision not to stand at the election

Mr Farage confirmed the Brexit party are ready to contest all 40 seats in Wales.

ITV Wales asked Anne Widdecombe, who attended the event, how many seats the Brexit party would win in Wales to which she replied that she couldn’t say how many but they will “certainly be winning seats.”