Labour's spending and investigation into PM 'shelved' until after election lead papers

Reaction to the suspension of an investigation into the Prime Minister’s connection to a tech entrepreneur and the economic prospects of a Labour Government lead Sunday’s papers.

The Observer leads with “fury” over the “incredible decision” for police not to continue an investigation in Mr Johnson’s relationship with US woman Jennifer Arcuri until after the General Election.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says Labour will in coming days present its “most radical” manifesto which will include pledging a universal basic income and responses to climate change, according to The Independent.

But The Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Telegraph say that a Jeremy Corbyn-led Government would dramatically increase spending, with The Sunday Times reporting such a “splurge” would “bankrupt UK”.

Nigel Farage has given the Conservatives a “final ultimatium” to form an alliance with his Brexit Party before the pre-Christmas poll, according to the Sunday Express.

And the Daily Star Sunday says TV nature show host Chris Packham claims Ant and Dec “ignored” his overtures to stop alleged animal abuse on I’m A Celebrity.