Silent tribute at Remembrance Sunday event disrupted by fireworks in Salford

A man who disrupted a silent tribute with fireworks at a Remembrance Sunday event had to be pulled away from angry veterans by police.

As the Last Post played and hundreds of people stood in silence to pay their respects at 11am at the cenotaph in Eccles, Salford, a series of fireworks exploded into the sky.

A man, believed to be a squatter at a disused pub across the road from the cenotaph, ignited the fireworks while sat on a ledge of a first floor window.

A crowd of angry veterans soon gathered outside shouting, "Get him out!" and trying to break the door of the pub down, with others attempting to climb up to the window.

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A lone police officer stood blocking the door shouting into his police radio as he struggled to hold the crowd back from getting inside, before reinforcements arrived.

When the squatter, wearing what appeared to be army-style fatigues, appeared at the window to remonstrate with the crowd, a number of traffic cones were launched at him before he retreated back inside.

A second man then appeared at the window, appearing to spit at the crowd, who shouted for him to dare to come outside the pub.

Police reinforcements soon arrived and the man, handcuffed with his head held down, was rushed out of the pub to a waiting police car which quickly sped away.

A large crowd remained at the scene with more people, who appeared to be squatting at the pub, left inside, as a squad of police officers guarded the entrance.