Mel B demands answers from Tesco after her face used in bus stop advert

Spice Girls star Mel B has demanded answers from Tesco after an image of her was used in a Clubcard Plus advert, seemingly without her prior knowledge.

The singer, who was known as Scary Spice in the popular 90s girl band, posted an image on Instagram taken of a bus stop showing her in a leopard print catsuit.

Text on the image reads: "Stop right now. You get 10% off two big shops a month for £7.99."

Another speech bubble reads: "Thank you very much," in a mockery of the 1998 hit Stop, which peaked at number two in the UK charts.

Tagging the brand's official Instagram presence, Mel B wrote: "Can the CEO of Tesco Food Dave Lewis please contact me urgently."

She signed the all-caps message off with "Thank you."

It appears the image was taken on February 24, 1997, at the Brit Awards in Earls Court.

It is available to purchase for commercial purposes through image site Getty for as little as £375.

Other celebrities, including popular comedy duo Morecambe and Wise also appear in the Tesco advert campaign.

Morecambe and Wise have also been used in the advertising campaign. Credit: Twitter / Tesco

When approached by ITV News, Tesco confirmed the advert is an official campaign.

In a statement it said: "Here at Tesco we are really big fans of Mel B and were excited to feature her photo in our campaign.

"We had authorisation to use this image, but we’re sorry Mel B is unhappy and so we’ve stopped using it."

Tesco launched its premium loyalty scheme earlier this month to stand alongside its existing free service.

For £7.99 a month, it gives shoppers 10% off their bills twice a month, up to a maximum of £20 for each shop.