Sajid Javid refuses to say if full Brexit impact assessment has been carried out

Sajid Javid refused to reveal whether or not the Government has carried out an impact assessment on the UK's future relationship with the EU and rejected claims Conservative tax cuts are not affordable.

The chancellor was asked on numerous occasions by ITV News Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills if proposed plans had been scrutinised in Whitehall.

"There's ongoing work in the Treasury - over the election period clearly some of that stops," he replied.

"If we get a majority we will bring forward our deal first for a smooth exit [from the EU] and as Parliament works on the new treaty that will be required for a new economic partnership, then of course we will then publish whatever information is rightly necessary."

Javid claims the latest withdrawal agreement with the EU is "more ambitious" than Theresa May's, which according to the Treasury would have made the UK economy 6-7% worse off in the long run.

On the day GDP was acknowledged to be just 0.3% in the third quarter -a figure described as "feeble" by Hills, while the chancellor claimed it was "solid".

"It's a welcome sign that the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

The Conservatives hint they will provide tax cuts if they win a majority at the election.

Asked if tax cuts were not affordable, Javid said: "Our fiscal rules, the ones I've set out, allow us to spend responsibly, borrow and invest responsibly in new infrastructure and they will allow us to have tax cuts where we can."