Nigel Farage’s pre-election gift to Boris Johnson of withdrawing Brexit Party candidates from Tory-held seats is the biggest story in the nation’s papers on Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the Brexit Party’s strategic retreat.

The Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Financial Times say the Brexit Party is now also under pressure to withdraw candidates from Labour-held seats which are being targeted by the Tories.

AndThe Indepedent, Metro, theDaily Express, The Sun and thei also lead on Mr Farage giving the Tories a boost in the hope of avoiding another Brexit referendum.

Meanwhile, The Times says an independent report has recommended the HS2 high-speed rail link should go ahead despite its costs rising.

The Daily Mirror says the Tories have let flood victims in the North down by spending more flood defence money in the South.

And the Daily Star has called for the return of TV show Grange Hill, hoping it will “save Britain”.