John Lewis Christmas advert fans convinced 'Excitable Edgar' Twitter video is teaser trailer

Could #ExcitableEdgar be the next instalment in the highly anticipated series of John Lewis Christmas adverts?

The @ExcitableEdgar Twitter account has already amassed more than 2,500 followers and many believe it could be a preview for the next John Lewis festive advert.

According to the Twitter bio, Edgar "loves all things festive. Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas snow, Christmas lights..."

The only tweet posted on the anonymous account is a 10-second teaser video showing a child's hand reaching to knock on a wooden door - using a knocker shaped like a gargoyle's head.

The wooden door slowly creaks open to reveal a fire-lit room, before a mountain scene flashes up with the words 'Meet Edgar. 14.11.19. #ExcitableEdgar."

Many people believe the teaser - which has been viewed two million times - is for the full-length John Lewis advert.

One Twitter wrote: "99% sure this is John Lewis, this twitter account is registered to a gmail address which starts with the letters 'jl'."

While another asked: "Anybody else thinking #johnlewischristmasadvert?"

#ExcitableEdgar could be the preview for the John Lewis advert. Credit: @ExcitableEdgar

There is growing speculation this is indeed a preview to the retailer's annual festive advert and if the date of 14.11.19 is to believed - the advert is likely to drop on Thursday.

The release of John Lewis's Christmas advert generates much interest each year.

In 2018, Elton John was the star of the retailer's festive advert, performing Your Song to a festive-tinged retrospective of his life and career.

The adverts have been produced by Adam&Eve DDB since 2008