Confusion in Scotland over Labour's policy on indyref2

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener

It seemed for a brief moment during a visit to Glasgow that Jeremy Corbyn had made a key decision on a second Scottish independence referendum.

There wouldn’t be one during the first term of a Labour government, he told me.

The SNP weren’t going to like that but it might have helped him fend off accusations from the Conservatives that a vote for Labour was a vote for two referendums next year, one on EU membership, the other in Scotland.

But there was one problem.

Apparently, his aides told me, a referendum in Scotland might happen if the SNP won a majority in the Holyrood elections in 2021.

Interviewed by other journalists, Mr Corbyn too changed tack suggesting there’d be no referendum in the early years of a Labour government.

He blamed journalists for the confusion.

The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon thought differently - apparently ruling out supporting a Labour government at Westminster.

The Scottish Conservatives accused Mr Corbyn of being incoherent.

Either way, it’s the kind of muddle Labour could well do to avoid.