‘Iron Man’ smashes jet suit world speed record

Richard Browning in his body-controlled, jet engine-powered suit near Brighton Pier Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

A test pilot has set a new world speed record by flying in a jet suit at 85.06mph alongside Brighton Pier.

“Iron Man” Richard Browning more than doubled his previous record of 32.02mph set in 2017 for the fastest speed in a body-controlled, jet engine-powered suit.

Mr Browning, the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, which designs, builds and flies jet suits, said: “I’m really very pleased, very chuffed – it’s the fastest I’ve ever been, even in training.

“Having Brighton Pier there, flying by an iconic landmark was really special.

Richard Browning broke his own record. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

“It was so exhilarating to achieve this on Guinness World Records Day alongside thousands of other people attempting records all around the world.

“A lot has changed since we flew 32mph two years ago, it’s a completely different suit, and I wanted to show how far we’ve come.”

His latest attempt, which saw him fly around 500 metres along the length of the pier, was overseen by Guinness World Records editor in chief Craig Glenday in order to verify the result.

He said: “No-one embodies the spirit of adventure like Richard Browning.

Richard Browning with the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed in a body-controlled, jet engine-powered suit. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

“He’s smashed his previous record and in much more challenging conditions. We are delighted to honour him again for this huge achievement on Guinness World Records Day.”

The attempt formed part of the Guinness World Records Spirit of Adventure theme, which celebrates adventurers and boundary pushers from around the world.