Boris Johnson on claims of intimidation from the Brexit Party, 'getting Brexit done' and 'chaos of Corbyn coalition'

  • Video report by ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston

Boris Johnson has spoken to ITV News on his campaign bus about claims of intimidation of Brexit Party candidates, voting against the EU budget and how the UK would be in "chaos" under Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking to Political Editor Robert Peston in Blackpool, the prime minister said: "We have a ridiculous situation now where parliament, which the EU commissions, is putting forward a new budget that will increase our payments by about £85 million a week."

He adds: "We don't think that makes sense for our country."

Mr Johnson insists the Conservative Party is the only mainstream party that wants to "get Brexit done".

He adds: "Unfortunately, Parliament has voted for delay but if the country comes with us and votes for a one nation Conservative government, we will come out in January and we will get it done and we will move on."

The Conservative Party has recently come under fire for allegedly "intimidating" Brexit Party candidates and offering them jobs.

But Mr Johnson said: "I have no knowledge of anything."

He added: "Look at what is happening, this Conservative Party is fighting in every seat, we don't do deals with any other party and I think I have been pretty consistent on that."

"I'd be amazed if they did that," Mr Johnson said.

In echoes of Theresa May's election campaign in 2017 of a "strong and stable" government under the Conservatives, Mr Johnson said it would be "chaos" under a Corbyn coalition.

Mr Johnson said should Mr Corbyn and Ms Sturgeon get in to government propped in by the SNP, the public should expect two referendums - the Indyref2 and another Brexit referendum.

On the recent pledges from the Labour Party on the NHS and WiFi, Mr Johnson said: "We're fighting for every vote and I think that we have a brilliant programme to unite the lever up across the country."

  • Boris Johnson tells Robert Peston about his plans for a post-election Britain

Mr Johnson said that the way the Conservative Party can achieve this is "by having dynamic markings" in economy and also supporting enterprises.

He added: "This incredible economy that we've got, that cuts rates on small businesses where we can that encourages businesses to grow and that's how we can invest massively as we are in the NHS and all the priorities and the British people.

"And you can't do that if you wack up borrowing."