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General Election 2019 - What you need to know today

Your morning briefing to all the key election news and our latest expert analysis. Credit: ITV News
  • By ITV News Content Producer David Williams

Move over Brexit. Has this just become the tech kit election?

Expect a major debate on Day 10 after Labour's remarkable promise to deliver free broadband to all UK households - in part by renationalising BT.

ITV News Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills called it "extraordinary" and "wholly unexpected" with massive implications for the business models of some of the country's biggest companies.

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The Tories - announcing their own steps to help high street businesses on Friday - call the Labour pledge "a fantasy" while the Lib Dems - themselves committing a £100bn spend on climate change - said the plans were "unaffordable".

But how will it go down with voters and businesses? And will we learn any more from the Brexit Party's claims some Tories offered their candidates bribes not to stand? Will evidence emerge to back up their allegations?

ITV News will be sharing all the key speeches and campaign appearances as they happen throughout the day as part of our Campaign Live coverage.

You can follow all the key live events on Credit: ITV News

Here’s what's in store today:

  • Boris Johnson will be in the North West of England as he launches the Conservative campaign bus
  • Jeremy Corbyn will announce the Labour digital infrastructure policy in Lancashire alongside John McDonnell
  • Sir Ed Davey will deliver the Lib Dem economy plan in Yorkshire
  • Nigel Farage will attend an evening rally in the West Midlands after the planned Dudley rally was cancelled
  • SNP candidate Humza Yousaf will campaign in Glasgow

Here's more on the election headlines:

The view from the campaigns

Paul Brand says the eye-catching Labour policy presents a problem of perception for the Conservatives.

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Libby Wiener also focuses on the broadband pledge and outlines Labour's defence of part renationalising BT.

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Rebecca Barry explains why Lib Dems turned attackers on Day 9 and looks ahead to Sir Ed Davey's key speech in Leeds.

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Emma Murphy looks ahead to Day 10 as the Brexit Party hastily rearranges its campaign appearances.

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Calling Peston: The ITV News Election Podcast

Shehab and Daniel will dial in Robert for his thoughts every weekday of the campaign. Credit: ITV News

Trouble for Boris Johnson is undoubtedly brewing.

The Calling Peston vigorously attack the PM’s campaign tea technique, before producer Lewis Denison shocks Shehab and Dan with his maverick microwave approach.

Robert (keep the tea bag in) Peston then evaluates the genuine problems for Johnson and the Conservatives after the bleakest NHS waiting time figures in history (read more from him below) but also shares the hint he received that Labour are not confident of winning a majority in 2019.

In the chilly Scottish air, ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener (pot of earl grey, sometimes green) gives a heckling update and shares the signs she has seen following Jeremy Corbyn that support levels for Labour north of the English border have plummeted.

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ITV News Political Reporters Daniel Hewitt and Shehab Khan will be digesting the campaign every weekday - and dial in Robert to get his take on it all.

The Calling Peston podcast will take you behind the scenes of life reporting on the election campaign trail, hearing from our reporters on the road across the country.

Like what you hear? New episodes will appear every weekday afternoon at 5pm.Download it from wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Peston: Why this pre-winter NHS crisis could lose Johnson the election

Boris Johnson could suffer from the NHS after gaining from it in the EU referendum campaign. Credit: PA

The poor performance of the NHS relative to government targets is turning into a major headache for the PM, writes ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston.

The point is that Johnson and the Vote Leave team won the EU referendum largely on the basis of their controversial promise to invest £350m a week into the health service.

They were acutely aware that money for a public health service matters hugely to poorer people, and matters disproportionately more than for those on higher incomes - who have the double benefit of being able to afford both private healthcare and healthier lifestyles.

Johnson’s consigliere and Vote Leave campaign supremo Cummings has often said it was the £350m promise wot won it for Brexit.

So Cummings will now be deeply troubled that the incipient crisis in the NHS could lose the election for Johnson and see the fight for Brexit lost at the last.

Read Robert's full analysis.

Why the immigration issue remains an election minefield

The latest figures suggest ‘net migration’ from the EU into UK was around 57,000 — roughly the lowest level recorded since 2009. Credit: PA

Arguably, immigration was at the heart of the referendum campaign in 2016, writes ITV News Political Correspondent Angus Walker.

David Cameron's decision to have a vote on EU membership came after years of pressure on parties to deal with what was regarded as an 'influx' of EU immigrants, especially from Eastern European accession countries.

The UK was one of three countries which opened its borders straight away to workers from the new member states.

With this election fuelled by the Brexit crisis, it's no surprise that immigration policy remains high on the campaign agenda.

Angus explains why the issue presents problems for the main parties.

Today's question: Is the Tory campaign going off the rails in Wales?

Are the Conservatives all pulling in the same direction? Credit: PA

There are some big questions that everyone involved in or reporting on politics here in Wales is asking at the moment, writes ITV Cymru Wales Political Editor Adrian Masters.

Is the Conservative campaign going off the rails as events seem to suggest?

Was it ever on the rails?

Or is it fundamentally sound despite having made a few very public mistakes?

Obviously it matters to the Welsh Conservatives because they want to win as many seats as possible here.

But it also matters to the wider party because the plan to win Boris Johnson a majority of seats in parliament depends on Conservative gains in Wales to a larger extent than any senior Tory is prepared to admit in public.

Read Adrian's full analysis.

The ITV Election Debate: Ask your question

The ITV Election Debate will be hosted by Julie Etchingham. Credit: ITV News

ITV will be broadcasting a seven-way election debate on Sunday 1 December.

Representatives from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Brexit Party, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru will come together in 'The ITV Election Debate', hosted by Julie Etchingham and broadcast live from Greater Manchester.

If you would like the opportunity to put a question directly to all seven party representatives as part of our studio audience on the night, please follow the link here to provide some more information about yourself, and to submit your question.

Plus, as ever, here are your...

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What's happening away from the election?

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