Nigel Farage denies voting for Brexit Party will lead to Corbyn government

Nigel Farage has denied voting for the Brexit Party will split the Leave vote and lead to a Labour government.

Speaking at a Peterborough rally, Mr Farage used the by-election in the city in the summer as an example to illustrate what he said would not be an issue.

He described the by-election as a "two-horse race" and argued the Labour Party stole the Brexit Party's votes.

He said: "They split our vote, if they were not here, we would have won.

"Peterborough disproves many of the fallacies you may read."

Mr Farage added: “The view that a vote for the Brexit Party will lead to a Corbyn government is wrong.”

“We are going to fight like crazy in these seats. Labour have broken their promises and betrayed their voters.

"Labour are the party of a second referendum.

"We are going after those Labour voters and we will take a lot of votes.”

The Brexit Party leader stressed the importance of having Brexit Party MPs in Westminster.

He said: "If we don't get the Brexit Party voice in Westminster it becomes very easy for promises made to be forgotten.

"They are acting like the masters and treating us like the servants.

"Get some Brexit Party voices into Westminster and we will be the masters and they will be the servants."

And he said the Brexit Party was the only party to inspire change and reverse a low turnout.

"The lack of inspiration, I have to say, is worse on the Labour side than the Conservative side," Mr Farage said.

"I predict it will be a low turnout unless people like us can get out and vote for change.

"Someone out there needs to inspire people."

He also mentioned the "generous gesture" he made to the Conservative Party by choosing not to stand Brexit Party MPs in Tory seats.

Nigel Farage said he will abolish the House of Lords. Credit: PA

But Mr Farage says he has only received "abuse" in return.

And if Brexit Party MPs are elected into Westminster, aside from Brexit he said he planned to abolish the House of Lords and the current postal vote system.

"If you get the direction I'm heading in, it's corrupt to its fingertips," Mr Farage said after making reference to "incentives" offered by the House of Commons.

Addressing postal votes after a question from a member of the audience, he said: "It is is open to intimidation, it is open to fraud, we have seen all over the country.

"People need to give a reason for why they want a postal vote."