The debate might have been a TV broadcast but it was also an online event.

The Conservative Party press team chose controversially to rebrand itself on twitter as ‘factcheckuk’ their bio for the duration of the debate, described as: “Fact checking Labour from CCHQ.”

The Conversative Party press office Twitter account rebranded as a 'fact checker' during the debate. Credit: Twitter

The Labour Party went straight in on attacking the PM directly. Their first two tweets accusing him of constantly “lying” in his career. ‘Trust’ the theme from them for night…

Despite their legal challenge, the Lib Dems watched on from outside the room and continued to argue for their place on this platform saying it is “obvious that this debate is between two Brexiteers”.

The “awkward” handshake on a commitment to improve the tone of politics gave rise to come creativity… @lewiswu found a GIF for the moment..

The SNP promoted their own live broadcast on “Scotland’s journey” but on Twitter at least it only had a few dozen viewers:

For a debate about serious issues there was arguably more laughter than might have been expected.

ITV Political Reporter @shehabkhan summing it up: “Audience relentlessly laughing at the leaders. Corbyn talks about four day week - audience laughs. Johnson talks about his NHS plans - audience laughs."

The Green Party noted it took 50 minutes to get to the climate issue mentioned and were frustrated that it was, in their eyes “relegated” to the quick fire round.

ITV Political Correspondent Paul Brand asked who won… His poll is unscientific but at the time of writing Jeremy Corbyn was on 78% with Boris Johnson on 22%.