Nicky Morgan: 'I would expect' Prince Andrew to stand down from charity positions

Conservative minister Nicky Morgan has said she "would expect" Prince Andrew to stand down from his positions at charitable organisations following a letter stating he will withdraw from public duties.

Mrs Morgan, whose Cabinet Office culture minister brief includes funding organisations of which the duke is patron, made the comments whilst speaking to ITV's Peston programme.

First saying people should think of the victims of Jeffery Epstein, she then went on to add: "Tonight's statement is notable because it does express sympathy but perhaps a few days late."

The letter from Prince Andrew declaring he will stand back from royal duties. Credit: ITV News

She continued: "I get the impression from the statement tonight, when he says he's going to withdraw from public duties I would expect that would be heading up or being a patron of organisations."

She said she believes the duke has come to the realisation that his friendship with the convicted paedophile "detracts" from the work carried out by the publicly-funded royal family.

The royal household was forced to issue a memo on Wednesday declaring Andrew will stand back from public duties, it is not clear if he will still recieve funding from the taxpayer.

Also on ITV's Peston was an appearance from the Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Ed Davey.

In a shift of policy, he said the Liberal Democrats will only revoke Brexit if they secure a majority in the Commons.

He confirmed it will continue to lobby to "put this back to the people," which he said would be the clearest way to "stop Brexit".

He said the Liberal Democrats will not do a deal to put Mr Corbyn or Johnson into power, instead voting "issue by issue" and against any legislation which opposition parties put forward which goes against Liberal Democrat values.

Other guests appearing on the show were Conservative candidate John Whittingdale, Labour's Catherine West and Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey.