Could an eight-year-old's climate change song make it to Christmas number one?

An eight-year-old environmental campaigner could be Christmas number one with his song about the climate crisis.

Frankie Morland from Hampshire wrote and recorded World in Danger with the help of his dad, who is a music teacher.

The schoolboy, who has been raising money for wildlife charities since the age of four, is hoping the song will help bring attention to climate change and saving the Earth for future generations.

And it is creating quite the buzz, even attracting a letter from Frankie's hero Sir David Attenborough.

Frankie playing his ukulele at his home in Hampshire. Credit: ITV News

After the track was picked up by a record company, there is now an illustrated music video, a book and of course the single - and hopes of that prized Christmas number one.

"I thought it would be a song that everyone would listen to and like - but getting a single is quite surprising for me, as I am only eight," said Frankie, explaining how the lyrics were inspired by what he does on a daily basis at school.

"It is quite a lot when your walking around the woods and looking at the sky, it goes grey and you think what will happen if all those ice caps melt.

"If this song makes the climate at least better, I'll be much more happier," he told ITV News.

The video shows the natural world struggling to survive against climate change. Credit: Frankie Morland / BMG / Youtube

The striking music video, which features a grey sky line and a morose-looking child wondering around a post-apocalyptic world.

It shows a polar bear isolated on a floating block of ice surrounded by a polluted sea.

Other imagery depicts fish struggling to survive after the reefs they call home have been destroyed and polluted.

What is most worrying is this is not just a music video - these are the real effects of climate change.

ITV News has witnessed glaciers which once dominated the landscape in Greenland sliding into the sea, expedited by climate change.

Meanwhile, Pacific islands are becoming submerged by rising sea levels as the polar caps melt.

Last month a report from leading scientists warned even if we "reduce emissions sharply, the consequences for people and their livelihoods will still be challenging, but potentially more manageable for those who are most vulnerable".

Frankie's track is available for pre-order ahead of an anticipated December release.