Labour is set to unveil its manifesto on Thursday – hailed by Jeremy Corbyn as the most radical in the UK’s history.

The party leader will visit Birmingham in the morning, where he will tell supporters that the “manifesto of hope” for the December 12 election is full of policies “that the political establishment has blocked for a generation”.

The proposals are expected to include renationalisation plans for key utilities, following a pledge to take part of BT into public ownership to deliver free full-fibre broadband for all, as well as promises to significantly boost NHS spending, create a £10 minimum hourly wage for all and tackle climate change and create jobs in a “green industrial revolution”.

It comes after the Liberal Democrats revealed details of their manifesto, entitled Stop Brexit, Build A Brighter Future, on Wednesday.

Also on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to continue his campaigning in the Bedfordshire area.

The Conservatives have yet to officially unveil their manifesto, but Mr Johnson said on Wednesday that it would include a commitment to raise the threshold at which workers start paying National Insurance contributions (NICs) from £8,628 a year to £9,500 – eventually rising to £12,500.

The party will on Thursday divulge plans to build one million extra homes over the next five years, as well as outline measures to make it easier for renters to buy, while providing more security for the 4.5 million people in the private rented market.

Elsewhere, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie is due to join Edinburgh West candidate Elaine Gunn for a bike ride, before talking about the party’s policies to radically transform Scotland’s transport network.

There is currently nothing scheduled on Thursday for the Liberal Democrats, SNP or the Brexit Party.