Corbyn: A hero or a villain? Front pages split on Labour manifesto

The opposition’s plans to change Britain if elected next month dominate the front pages at the end of the working week.

The Guardian says Labour has unveiled its “most radical manifesto for decades”, which the Daily Mirror says shows the party is “On your side”.

The i says Mr Corbyn has unveiled a “blueprint for power” in which he has vowed to “transform” the country, while The Times describes it as the opposition leader’s “dream spending plan”.

But the Daily Express characterises the manifesto as a “£80bn raid on your wallets”.

The Daily Mail goes harder, describing the document as “Corbyn’s £83bn tax robbery” of families, and the Financial Times says it marks a “return to 1970s state intervention”.

It was “Water off a duke’s back” with the Duke of York “all smiles” before a planned trip to the Middle East, according to the front of Metro.

The Daily Telegraph reports the UK has started “bringing back” the British children of so-called Islamic State fighters.

The Independent continues its reporting on the “maternity scandal” at the NHS-run Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust by saying that babies lives have been threatened “by focus on natural births”.