Plaid Cymru manifesto: The key pledges, quotes and analysis

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen

With its green booklets declaring 'Ni yw Cymru: Wales It's Us', Plaid Cymru has announced a lengthy manifesto pledging to Make Wales Matter through a "green jobs revolution".

What are the manifesto's key pledges?

Plaid Cymru has promised to create tens of thousands of "green collar jobs" over the next 10 years.

The £20 billion investment programme includes an overhaul of the country's transport system, new funding for the health service and housing, plus a renewed call for Welsh independence.

On Brexit, the proclaimed Party of Wales pledges to hold a "final say referendum".

Here is an at-a-glance look at the manifesto:

The 'green jobs revolution' funded by £20 billion of investment

Plaid Cymru candidate for Llanelli, Mari Arthur, speaks during the launch of his party's manifesto. Credit: PA

The party says it will create tens of thousands of new jobs across Wales with a £20 billion investment into renewable energy, digital technology and transport infrastructure.

Plaid Cymru pledges Wales will be "entirely reliant" on renewable energy and free of single-use plastic by 2030.

It is calling on the UK Government to give an additional 1% of GDP to invest in green infrastructure, which will allow Wales to spend an additional £15 billion on green jobs, transport, and energy.

The party also said they want the Treasury to raise Wales’ borrowing limit to £5 billion, hence why the total investment will be £20 billion.

Electrify the railways and expand the bus network

Plaid Cymru has pledged to upgrade the railways. Credit: PA

Plaid has pledged to deliver an electrification of all mainline rail lines by 2030 and electrification of the Valleys railways.

The party will build a super metro in the south east of Wales, a new Metro system for Swansea Bay and the western valleys, a metro for the north east of Wales.

Plus, it has vowed to reopen rail services in the Amman, Tawe, Neath, and Dulais valleys.

The trans-Wales bus network will also be expanded and a new, publicly-owned regional bus company for the south of Wales.

Increase tidal power and add a windfarm

Plaid pledges to create a new offshore windfarm. Credit: PA

The party's plans include three tidal lagoons and an offshore windfarm.

The construction of tidal lagoons will be in Swansea Bay, Cardiff, and Colwyn Bay, while the windfarm will be off Ynys Môn.

They will also build a barrage on the River Usk.

Free care for the elderly and vulnerable and a 'fair deal for families'

The party has also prioritised social care, promising free care for the elderly and vulnerable people through a National Health and Social Care Service.

It says an additional 1,000 new doctors, 5,000 new nurses, and 100 new NHS dentists would offer “seamless access to health and care for everyone throughout Wales".

A “fair deal for families” would offer universal free childcare for 40 hours a week, and a £35 a week payment for every child in a low income household, which they say will lift 50,000 children out of poverty.

Sustainable housing and help for renters

The Virginia creeper covering the Tu Hwnt l’r Bont Tearoom on the banks of the River Conwy. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

Housing has also been made a key priority, with a pledge to invest in environmentally sustainable affordable homes and rent relief for people who pay more than 30% of their income on rent.

The party pledges to build 20,000 green social houses and a £5 billion home energy efficiency programme.

Devolved policing and a new Welsh justice system

Plaid has also pledged to combat crime, with the creation of a Welsh justice system, policing devolved to Wales, and a crime prevention fund to recruit 1,600 new police officers and at least two for every community.

Referendum on Welsh independence

Plaid Cymru wants these children to grow up in an independent Wales. Credit: PA

The party has pledged to introduce a self-determination Bill, aimed at a referendum on independence before 2030, if elected to lead the Welsh Government.

Brexit and other key points of the manifesto

Plaid has pledged to have a “final say referendum” on EU membership and introduce a Welsh migration advisory service to plug skills gaps with migrants.

It would push for the devolution of the welfare system and cancel plans for the £5 billion restoration of the Palace of Westminster.

And the party would demand a decision of going to war requires the support of all four nations of the UK.

ITV News Analysis: What stands out from the Plaid pledges?

In an election where more than one party stands accused of discovering a magic money tree, Plaid Cymru seems to have found a particularly large one.

In a sense, the party's leader, Adam Price agrees - he points to the fact that interest rates are so low that governments can practically borrow money for nothing.

He quotes the example of Austria, one of the small European countries to which Plaid Cymru likes to compare Wales. According to Adam Price, it's issued 100 year bonds that will return only half what they cost.

It's worth remembering that what's raised in Wales in taxes is £13.7 billion less than what's spent in Wales by the Welsh and UK Governments.

Adam Price blames that gap on how Wales has been treated by Westminster down the centuries. He recently claimed that his country is owed £20 billion in reparations.

Most of the eye-catching manifesto pledges wouldn't add to that annual fiscal deficit as they are capital projects, financed through that interest-free borrowing.

But they are hugely ambitious, including three tidal lagoons and the electrification of nearly all Welsh railways.

It would be an expanding network into the bargain, with several valleys that lost their train services decades ago having lines reopened.

The key quotes from the Plaid Cymru leadership

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price unveiled the party plans at Coleg y Cymoedd further education college in Nantgarw, South Wales. Credit: PA

"Wales was the cradle of the first industrial revolution, but the sad truth known to all of us who live in Wales is that our country hasn’t reaped the benefits of our own wealth," leader Adam Price said at his party's manifesto launch.

"At the bottom of the economic league tables, with homelessness rising, and 200,000 of our children living in poverty, Wales can’t afford to take another punt on the Westminster parties in the hope they might take our country seriously this time.

"We know that Wales has enormous potential – we are rich in natural resources, and our people are talented and skilled. Just as we were the first time, we can be the cradle of another revolution: a Green Jobs Revolution, creating tens of thousands of green collar jobs, and seriously tackling the urgent climate emergency we face.

"History teaches us that no matter whether we put our trust in Labour or the Tories, Wales is always an afterthought for Westminster."