Nigel Farage says Brexit Party would reform politics, scrap fuel bill tax and promote anti-immigration message

Nigel Farage has outlined his Brexit Party's "contract with the people" by listing a series of policies it would implement should it win the General Election.

Mr Farage was adamant the document was "not a manifesto" which he claimed are a "a means of telling people what they want to hear without having the desire to implement them".

Alongside the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the former UKIP leader outlined policies on immigration, tax, foreign aid and electoral reform.

Brexit Party pledges to reform 'hopelessly out of date' electoral system

Mr Farage opened his central London speech by stating his party would scrap the first-past-the-post electoral system, instead replacing it with a system of Proportional Representation.

This echoes long standing calls by smaller political parties who claim the current system only benefits larger groups and makes it difficult for more marginal parties to get seats in the House of Commons.

Further electoral reform would be achieved through the scrapping of the postal vote, which he claimed was flawed after "fraud, intimidation and several court cases".

"Sickened" by the House of Lords, Mr Farage said he would scrap the second chamber and replace it with an as yet undefined system to scrutinise policy.

VAT on fuel bills would be scrapped

British families could expect a boost of an average of £65 a year, should the Brexit Party succeed in the election. This would be achieved through the scrapping of VAT on domestic fuel bills, Mr Farage said.

He said a clean break from the EU would also help British people through cheaper imported food and reduced clothing costs, once tariffs on imports from non-EU goods were removed.

An estimated one million small businesses would also be helped by the scrapping of corporation tax, Mr Farage claimed as he outlined plans which would free companies making less than £10,000 a year from paying it.

These plans would be paid for by £200 billion of savings made by cutting the foreign aid budget, ceasing EU payments and scrapping the HS2 project.

Strong anti-immigration message from Brexit Party

Mr Farage gave a strong anti-immigration message as he laid out his party's policies. Credit: PA

The Brexit Party leader hit out at Labour and the Conservatives' immigration pledges as he promises to cut new arrivals in the UK to 50,000 per year under a Brexit Party government.

He added there would need to be "flexibility on work permits" and conceded this would be a long-term goal.

Referencing the Essex lorry tragedy, Mr Farage said "We probably need to do something" to stop similar human tragedies.

He said this would be achieved through promoting a strong anti-immigration message - but failed to outline any additional funding for border enforcement.

Other policies announced by the Brexit Party leader include scrapping the licence fee, investing £2.5 billion in fishing and coastal communities, abolishing privatisation in the NHS and establishing 24-hour GP surgeries.