WW2 veteran, 105, honoured by Norway for helping to liberate country from Nazis

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Martha Fairlie

A 105-year-old World War Two veteran who survived three bomb attacks has been honoured by the king and government of Norway for his role in liberating the country.

John Manners commanded the destroyers HMS Eskimo and HMS Viceroy, he was also involved in the sinking of a German U-Boat off the English coast.

At his care home near Newbury, Berkshire, the Norwegian military attaché John Olsen held a special ceremony - awarding John his medal.

The special award ceremony was carried out by the Norwegian military attaché John Olsen.

“The Norwegians were very friendly with us, welcomed us and were friendly and very helpful,” John told ITV News.

His ship sank a U-boat while on a North Sea convoy.

John Manners said Winston Churchill was sent a bottle of brandy.

A German case of brandy floated to the surface and a bottle was sent to Winston Churchill, who thanked the Navy for an interesting souvenir.

“Churchill had a bottle, yes, I don’t know if he drank it or not, and I did too,” he said.

Now, almost 75 years on, it is Norway thanking John Manners for his service.