David Gauke's video twist adds to list of election funnies even if they weren't all intentional

David Gauke has taken an unconventional approach to election campaign videos and decided to inject some humour into proceedings ahead of December 12.

Instead of sticking to a standard format, listing his party's pledges and persuading voters to choose him, the Independent candidate for South West Hertfordshire recruited someone closer to home.

The video begins with the former Tory minister explaining that long-standing Conservative supporters who are "unhappy with the direction" of the party are looking to vote elsewhere.

At that point he introduces Jim, a “dismayed longstanding Conservative” who Mr Gauke says is now backing him.

Jim explains he has voted Conservative for the last 50 years and has always been a "middle of the road, One Nation and liberal-minded" Tory.

But he decided to switch political allegiance and is now backing the former Conservative minister.

Jim adds that if he were living in Mr Gauke’s constituency, he would “certainly” vote for him.

But all is not as it seems, because at this point in the video, Mr Gauke reveals the twist in the video, as he replies: “Thanks Dad,” revealing Jim to be his father and Jim adds: "You are welcome son."

The video has been welcomed on social media, with users praising the politician for "the best GE video so far" and for "raising a smile".

So far, the video has had more than 355,000 views and almost 1,000 retweets.

But Mr Gauke is not the only one to get creative with his General Election campaign video.

Labour candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan took inspiration from the Christmas movie Love Actually for her video.

She recreates the now iconic scene when Andrew Lincoln's character declares his love for Juliet, played by Keira Knightley.

But in the Dr Alli-Khan version, she declares, "with any luck, next year I'll be your MP."

And lists Labour's manifesto pledges, including the party's commitment to the NHS, education and policing, eventually persuading the voter to switch from being a Tory supporter to backing her.

While Tory candidate George Freeman's video went viral after BBC News producer Callum May retweeted it with the caption 'Worst. Burlesque. Ever.' in reference to the two rosettes, unfortunately placed.

And Health Secretary Matt Hancock was teased for his election campaign video, in which his head was perfectly aligned with a tree in the background, making it appear as if he had the hair of Art Garfunkel.

Many took to social media to point out the unfortunate angle, with one user writing "Tonight Matthew, I am Art Garfunkel" and another said "Matt Hancock appears to be sporting a brave new haircut."