Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage finds support in Labour strongholds

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

“If the media tell you Labour will win these northern seats, don’t be so sure," Brexit Party Nigel Farage told a room full of supporters in Barnsley.

“They gave us up,” said one woman in the audience.

The Yorkshire market town is the latest stop on Mr Farage's tour of Labour strongholds where there was a big vote for Leave in 2016.

Around 70% voted for Brexit in the town.

On a walkabout in the town centre Nigel Farage met Barry Cranswick, a market trader, who wondered why the Brexit Party leader himself wasn’t standing in this election.

A former Labour voter, he said he will now vote for the Brexit Party.

“The labour leader was an IRA sympathiser”, he claimed as his reason for straying from Labour, something Jeremy Corbyn denies.

It’s political shifting like that which Nigel Farage hopes can give him a handful of seats in Parliament.

On Monday, he told me a smaller majority for the Tories would be the ideal election result as then he could exert more pressure on the Prime Minister, enforcing a harder Brexit and trade deal.