Shopper crawls to grab cash dropped by robber during hold-up in South Africa

A careless robber let some of his loot slip during a hold-up – and a crawling shopper was there to take full advantage.

CCTV from a shop in South Africa captures the moment an armed robber dropped what appears to be cash while piling notes into his bag from the till.

Unbeknown to the robber, who was busy pointing his gun at a man cowering behind the counter with his other hand, a shopper coolly sneaks behind him to pick up one or two notes he dropped.

The shopper crawled his way out of the room, picking up some cash along the way. Credit: Intelligence Bureau SA

The shopper then crawled away and got back on his feet as he exited the shop, catching the robber’s attention for a brief moment before walking away.

Judging by the footage, a couple of notes were spilled by the robber. Given the highest denomination in South Africa is R200 – which equates to roughly £10 – it’s possible the shopper risked a bullet for around £20.