What does the data around voter registration advertising campaigns on social media suggest about Labour and the Tories?

  • Words by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

Why don’t the Conservative Party appear to want you to register vote?

Of course they argue they do but if that were the case then why aren’t they making any noise about it? They are so quiet on voter registration it’s deafening.

The answer lies with those who are unregistered.

Overwhelmingly young and less likely to vote Conservative, there is little if anything to be gained by the Tories sending them here

The data makes the point.

In the last week the Conservative Party have spent approx £800 on Facebook ads that mention "register to vote" whereas the Labour Party have spent up to £36,000 and that doesn’t include organisations like Momentum or the unions who have been delving deep into their pockets to sign-up voters.

Adverts posted by the Conservatives and by the Labour Party. Credit: Facebook

It’s not just spending, their Twitter posts show a similar theme.

Conservatives have posted three times in the last week on registering to vote but Labour has mentioned it 27 times - and today the banner on their profile has changed to target registration.

The clock is ticking if you want to vote in this General Election.

The deadline is midnight and while all parties claim they want people to sign-up the online evidence suggests it might not be the case.

The Conservative Party has been approached for comment.