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Hogging the limelight: Greek reporter makes pig's ear of live broadcast as he's harassed by persistent porker

A Greek reporter went the whole hog and decided to carry on reporting despite being chased by a pig on live television.

The hilarious incident took part on the Greece equivalent of Good Morning Britain – Good Morning Greece – on the ATN1 television network.

As the hosts of the show cut to a live interview with Lazos Mantikos, he is seen desperately trying to run away from a large porker who has the reporter in its sights.

Mantikos tries in vain to continue reporting on huge floods which have caused widespread damage in the country.

Pig harasses reporter on live Greek television. Credit: ANT1

But despite his best attempts to escape from the swine, the pig has other ideas and continues to hog the limelight from the reporter, leaving Mantikos hot to trot.

At one point, the broadcaster disappears from view and the camera cuts back to the studio where the three hosts are seen squealing at their colleague’s unlucky fortune.

Mantikos tells the presenter of the show George Papadakis: “George, can you hear me? We have an issue here; there is a pig that’s been chasing us since this morning.”

The broadcast network was left (pork) scratching its head over what to do about the hilarious sketch unfolding on live television.

Hog-gging the limelight. Credit: ANT1

But eventually they decided to cut the live sequence, as the reporter seemed unable to escape the attention of the persistent pig.

Despite making a pig ear’s of the live interview, the hilarious incident has gone hog-wild on social media…