• Video report by ITV News Reporter Mark McQuillan

A dog owner has been reunited with his beloved pet after it spent more than 50 hours trapped in a foxhole.

The Jack Russell Mitzi took off last Wednesday during a walk in an Essex woodland after she was chased by another dog.

Her distraught owner Alan Whitton launched an online appeal and leafletted the local area in his desperate search.

The pair were eventually reunited after a fellow animal-lover noticed her dog barking at the missing canine on a walk.

A rescue operation to help free Mitzi took two-hours after what Mr Whitton describes as a "very surreal" and "tormenting" experience.

Mr Whitton told ITV News Mitzi's return was his "Christmas miracle".

"I was completely overwhelmed with the local and national and internet response that we got.

"It really has restored my faith that people are good."