Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has united Northern Ireland's Unionists in opposition against his proposed plan to leave the EU, the DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds has said.

Mr Dodds has been engaged in a tight battle to defend his North Belfast seat against the pro-Remain Sinn Fein candidate.

At the launch of the DUP's manifesto in Belfast, he said: “There can be no borders in the Irish Sea.

“We will work to try to get a sensible Brexit deal.

“But it cannot erect new barriers.

“We need our people to come together, not create more division.”

Mr Dodds has spoken out about Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. Credit: PA

Boris Johnson's proposals would involve customs processes in Great Britain which businesses in Northern Ireland fear would create extra administration.

It is designed to prevent any regulatory border on the island of Ireland.

The DUP manifesto said: “The East-West checks as proposed would lead to excessively bureaucratic burdens for trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and consequently higher prices and less choice for consumers as GB businesses opt for ‘not available in Northern Ireland’.”

The DUP’s 10 former MPs largely supported the Conservative minority Government during the last parliamentary term.

However they all pulled their support for Mr Johnson's Brexit deal.