US free climber Brad Gobright falls to death in Mexico

Renowned US free climber Brad Gobright has died after falling 300 metres (over 900 ft) while attempting to scale a near sheer rock face in Mexico on Wednesday.

Mr Gobright was climbing Sendero Luminoso on El Potrero Chico peak near the northern city of Monterrey - an “inaccessible” area according to police - when he fell to his death.

Mr Gobright was an acclaimed free solo climber known for pushing the limits. He set a new speed record for ascending the Nose route of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with his climbing partner Jim Reynolds in 2017. The two climbers raced up the nearly 90-degree, 883 metre (900ft) precipice in two hours and 19 minutes.

Brad Gobright was 'one of the most accomplished free solo climbers in the world'. Credit: Instagram

The publication, Rock And Ice, described Gobright, 31, from Orange County, California, as “one of the most accomplished free solo climbers in the world”.

Mr Gobright was with another climber when the accident happened, Mexican officials said.

In a statement, the Mexican civil defence office said: “We extend our sympathies and support to the rock climbing community.”

Mr Gobright was known for pushing the limits of solo climbing. Credit: Instagam

Free solo climbers do not use ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment, relying on their strength and skill to ascend.

Mr Gobright was the subject of 2017 film Safety Third which followed his attempt to climb what was described as his "boldest ascent" in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.

Producers described him as "one of best and boldest free solo climbers in the sport".