Labour pledges to make England more cycling-friendly

England would become one of the best countries in the world for walking and cycling if Labour wins the General Election, the party has promised.

A new healthy streets programme, modelled on towns in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, would aim to make towns and cities cleaner and greener.

Labour is pledging to double cycling journeys by both adults and children, build 5,000km of cycleways, and create safe cycling and walking routes to 10,000 primary schools.

The party said it will also deliver universal affordable access to bicycles and grants for e-bike purchase, as well as providing cycle training for all primary school children and their parents.

There are also plans to extend training to secondary schools and make it available for all adults.

Jeremy Corbyn says he’s a keen cyclist Credit: Nick Ansell/PA

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “I love walking and cycling so I’m proud of the policies we’ve announced today to give millions of people the freedom to walk and cycle along convenient, attractive routes, safe from traffic danger.

“These policies will slash carbon emissions, tackle air pollution, save our NHS billions and boost our high streets by making towns and city centres more pleasant.

“Our plans will transform opportunities so that travelling actively and healthily is an option for the many, not just the bold and fearless.”

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said: “Walking and cycling are essential forms of transport, but have been neglected by nine years of Tory Britain.

“Making more of our everyday trips by walking and cycling is crucial to reducing transport emissions and tackling the climate emergency.

“We could cut up to one third of carbon emissions from car journeys if we had the same quality of segregated cycle infrastructure and cycling culture as the Dutch, and simultaneously we would cut the obesity and diabetes crisis that is threatening to overwhelm the NHS.

“Labour’s plans will make England one the best countries in the world for walking and cycling.”