Tories up their advertising spending in last 24 hours

  • by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

Something seemed wrong.. having been watching daily ad spend by political parties on Facebook the Conservatives weren’t even in the game but that has all changed in the last 24 hours.

How could this be from the Party that reportedly spend £1m in one day during the 2017 election…the answer appears to be that they were waiting.

We don’t yet have the precise spending for the last 24 hours but we can see that they have significantly upped the amount of adverts they are producing.

Tories have 910 active ads on Facebook and Instagram. Credit: Facebook

At the time of writing (Monday 1630) the Conservatives had 910 active ads on Facebook & Instagram a significant increase for them but still someway behind the Lib Dems who have 2600 currently active.

For the Lib Dems it’s business as usual in both quantity and spending - lots of ads aimed at small groups of people.

Labour are out front on spending in the last 24 hours with more than £30,000 paid to Facebook but they have only 180 active ads preferring to hit more people per advert.

It feels like the Conservatives are finally in the online race.

If you haven’t seen any of these adverts it’s probably because you aren’t in a target seat. If you are being bombarded I’m afraid it’s unlikely to stop (sorry)!