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Travellers in Galway living with sinking kitchens

A dripping tap Photo: Yui Mok/PA

Some Travellers in Galway are living with “sinking” kitchens and toilets, a report claimed.

Some families lack heat and cooking facilities and insulation is minimal or non-existent, the review alleged.

It said windows and doors had to be plugged with sheets and cloth to keep out draughts.

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The report said: “On one site the kitchens are sinking.

“On another, the toilet facilities are sinking.

“Gullies are leaking, causing water to flow under houses.

“There are cracks in walls and chimneys and faulty, old radiators are leaking black water across living rooms and bedrooms.

“Parents have to protect children from rats, stagnant water and busy roads too close to the sites.”

The monitoring report was published by the Galway Traveller Movement.

Spokeswoman Joanna Corcoran called for Galway City and County Councils to deliver on commitments to provide for adequate accommodation immediately.

She also urged the speedy establishment of an independent national agency to oversee the planning and development of residential facilities.

According to the City Council, its policy is to consult with them about their needs and to provide, where appropriate, Traveller-specific accommodation.

That includes four permanent caravan parks, one transient halting site and a series of housing schemes.