For a story that was meant to be carefully managed away following Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview, it is doing quite the opposite.

First there were the charities and organisations which distanced themselves and then dumped the Duke of York, then he stepped down from royal duties.

Some days later a Sunday newspaper made claims about his time as the UK’s trade envoy, and now a British television interview is aired with the Prince’s main accuser.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre was both powerful and emotional in her Panorama interview – and given the abuse that the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein inflicted on her and other women, they deserve our compassion and sympathy.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre claims that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew for sex in London in 2001. Credit: BBC/Panorama

But the interview took us no further forward on her previously-stated claims that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew for sex in London in 2001.

The Prince categorically denies any form of sexual contact or relationship with Ms Roberts.

We are therefore still left with the two opposing claims.

A ‘she-said, he-said’.

Where Monday night’s Panorama programme did take us further forward was on the US legal proceedings.

A lawyer for five of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims claimed the Prince did witness them giving massages to Epstein and other guests at his homes and they have asked him to provide testimony in their legal cases against the late Epstein’s estate.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre was photographed alongside Prince Andrew. Credit: BBC Panorama

Once again, that was firmly denied by Prince Andrew who has said very clearly that he never had any reason to suspect any wrongdoing at any time when he stayed at Epstein’s properties.

The subpoenas which have been prepared in all five cases in the United States could be served on the Duke of York if he were ever to travel to America.

Whilst they could be challenged, it would set up the extraordinary prospect of a senior member of the Royal Family getting involved in a legal fight in the US – which could prove to be diplomatically difficult and reputationally damaging for the monarchy.

It rather suggests, therefore, that Prince Andrew is simply unable to travel anywhere in the USA for the foreseeable future.

Buckingham Palace maintains that the Prince "is willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required".

And the Palace says: "The Duke deeply sympathises with those affected who want some form of closure. It is his hope that, in time, they will be able to rebuild their lives."

This whole saga has been a huge embarrassment for the Royal Family and, right now, it shows no sign of going away for the Queen’s second son.