Donald Trump claims US does not want NHS even if it is 'handed to us on a silver platter'

Donald Trump has confirmed the NHS will not be on the table during UK-US trade talks and said the US would not be interested in even if it was "handed to us on a silver platter".

On a visit to the UK to mark the 70th anniversary of Nato, the US President was asked about the possibility of the NHS being opened up to US pharmaceutical companies post-Brexit.

Trump denies NHS sale 'rumours'

Speaking to journalists in central London, Mr Trump said he "never even thought about" including the NHS in a future trade deal with the UK.

He said: "No, not at all, I have nothing to do with it. Never even thought about it, honestly."

Mr Trump added: "I don't even know where that rumour started.

"We have absolutely nothing to do with it and we wouldn't want to if you handed it to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it."

Jeremy Corbyn has responded to Mr Trump's comments, saying he is "pleased" that the US president has said he wants "nothing to do with" the NHS but questioned: "If that's the case, why have these talks gone on for two years?

"Why have they been kept secret?," he told BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine.

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The Labour leader said if he meets Mr Trump at the Buckingham Palace reception on Tuesday evening, he would tell him: "I hope you'll understand how precious our National Health Service is and in any future trade relationship with the USA none of our public services are on the table, none of our public services are for sale."

Mr Corbyn held up a classified dossier last month, which critics say were leaked online in a way which mirrored a recent Russian disinformation campaign.

He told This Morning: "At no stage until today, when this new conspiracy theory arose, has anyone challenged the correctness of that document."

When pressed about claims the document was first uploaded onto Reddit, Mr Corbyn added: "If the document is not accurate then why has it been out there, all this time, no minister has claimed its inaccurate, no government has, and in reality the minutes are there of meetings which involve (former Secretary of State for International Trade) Liam Fox in the early stages, and officials later on.

"And Donald Trump himself said everything is on the table, including our NHS."

But Mr Johnson said he could "categorically rule out" that "any part of the NHS will be on the table in any trade negotiations", adding this included pharmaceuticals.

He said it was "pure Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle stuff" invented by Labour.

Trump has 'no thoughts' on upcoming UK election

Fielding questions for more than 40 minutes from journalists, Mr Trump said he had "no thoughts" on the upcoming general election.

He told reporters that he was willing to "work with anybody" and that he did not want to "complicate" the December 12 poll.

Asked about the prospect of working alongside Mr Corbyn, the US president said: "I can work with anybody, I'm a very easy person to work with."

He added: "I'll stay out of the election. You know that I was a fan of Brexit. I called it the day before."

Mr Trump confirmed he will meet with Mr Johnson at the Nato summit in Watford. He added that the prime minister was "very capable" and that he'd "do a good job" if he wins the election.

Donald Trump met Prince Charles at Clarence House during his visit. Credit: PA

Cracks in Nato alliance begin to show before crunch meetings

Mr Trump said it was "very insulting" for French president Emmanuel Macron to describe the Nato military alliance as "brain dead".

The intergovernmental military alliance, which was established 70 years ago in a bid to combat the Soviet Union's growing sphere of influence during the Cold War, has been criticised in the past by Mr Trump himself.

However the US president defended the alliance, insisting it still played a vital role in maintaining world peace.

Trump was speaking alongside Nato secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Credit: PA

Mr Trump reignited a war of words between himself and the French leader, after Mr Macron criticised Turkey's incursion against the Kurds in Syria without warning other Nato members - something which alarmed allies.

Speaking alongside Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Mr Trump took aim at Macron, calling his comments "very, very nasty statement essentially to 28 countries."

He added: "I think they have a very high unemployment rate in France. France is not doing well economically at all.

"It is a very tough statement to make when you have such difficulty in France, when you look at what is going on with the yellow vests.

"They have had a very rough year. You just can't go around making statements like that about Nato. It is very disrespectful."

A man dressed as Charlie Chaplin in Trafalgar Square. Credit: PA

NHS workers and anti-war activists have led a protest targeting Mr Trump and Nato in central London.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching towards Buckingham Palace, where Mr Trump and other Nato leaders are being hosted by the Queen on Tuesday night.

Many in the crowd held aloft placards bearing messages such as "No to Trump, No to War" and "Trump, Hands off our NHS".

Some protesters expressed concern over the possible impact of a future trade deal between the US and the UK affecting the NHS.