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Second person found after three go missing for two weeks in Australian outback

The man is one of three who went missing in the rural area two weeks ago. Credit: AP NT

A man who went missing whilst off-roading in Australia has been found after two weeks in the outback.

Phu Tran is the second of the three-person party to be discovered, with one member still missing.

The group became stranded after taking a wrong turn in the outback and managing to get their vehicle stuck in a riverbed.

They stayed there for several days, digging into sand below the vehicle to shelter from the sun and surviving on minimal rations.

It appears at some point the trio went their separate ways, although it is not clear when this happened.

Claire Hockeridge remains missing after more than two weeks. Credit: NT Police

Northern Territory Police said Mr Tran was found by a farmer on a livestock station south of Alice Springs, one of Australia's most remote towns.

Like his friend, he survived after finding water in the punishing terrain.

After being found, Mr Tran was taken to hospital where he was treated for exposure.

His friend, Tamra McBeath-Riley, 52, was found late on Sunday near a waterhole.

Police said the search was continuing for the third member of the party, 46-year-old Claire Hockridge.

Australia's outback features thousands of square miles of arid bush. Credit: AP

Temperatures in the Australian outback can exceed more than 40C (104F) during the day, with nighttime temperatures dropping significantly after sundown.

Some 211,000 people are believed to live in the Northern Territory of Australia, making it the country's most sparsely population region, despite it being six times the size of the United Kingdom.

In 2015, a 62-year-old survived in the Australian outback by eating ants.