Jeremy Corbyn on the Queen's speech: ‘We don't watch TV very much on Christmas Day’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared to dodge the question of whether he watches the Queen’s message on Christmas Day in a new interview for ITV’s Tonight programme.

Speaking to Julie Etchingham in 'The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn – Tonight', which airs at 7.30pm on Thursday, the Labour leader was asked if he sits down with his family to watch the monarch’s annual 3pm address, but failed to give a clear answer when pressed.

Mr Corbyn also said he would give up Chequers if he was elected, apologised to those who have suffered as a result of his party's delays in dealing with allegations of anti-Semitism, and spoke about his role as his household’s ‘head of composting’.

Julie Etchingham asked the Labour leader if he watches the Queen's speech.

To which Mr Corbyn said: “It's on the morning, usually we have it on.”

When corrected and pressed for an answer, he added: “We don't watch television very much on Christmas Day.

“There is lots... Lots to do... I enjoy the presence of my family and friends around Christmas.

"Obviously, like everybody else does, and, I also visit the homeless shelter, either on Christmas Day, or the day before, to talk to, and listen to people's lives, about how they could be made better with a government that cared for them.”

In the interview he was also asked if he would give up the Prime Minister’s country home, Chequers, if he became PM - in the light of shadow chancellor John McDonnell saying he’d let a homeless family move into No11 Downing Street.

Mr Corbyn said he "would indeed" give up Chequers.

The Labour leader added:"It can't be right,we're a country with 150 billionaires, and we've still got people sleeping on the streets.”

Mr Corbyn was also asked about anti-Semitism in his party.

Julie Etchingham asked if he would apologise for the issue of anti-Semitism.

To which Jeremy Corbyn said:“Anti-Semitism is a vile evil, in our society.

"I am not a racist, in any form, I've spent my life opposing racism and, I think the treatment of Jewish people that suffer from anti-Semitism is appalling.

"And where there's been delays, by my party, in instituting a process,of course, I apologise to those that suffered, as a result of it.”

Julie Etchingham spoke to Jeremy Corbyn as part of ITV Tonight’s series of interviews with party leaders. Credit: The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn – Tonight ITV

Julie Etchingham spoke to Jeremy Corbyn as part of ITV Tonight’s series of interviews with leaders of Great Britain's political parties ahead of the General Election.

ITV’s election coverage so far has featured a live head-to-head debate between Conservative leader Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a seven main parties debate and live interviews with party representatives who were able to comment on the televised events and set out their own electoral offer.

  • ITV Tonight's 'The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn' is on ITV Thursday 5 December 7.30pm