Edible coffee cups trialled on international flights

Air New Zealand is aiming to combat waste by trialling edible coffee cups, which can double as dessert bowls Credit: Air New Zealand Handout/PA

A New Zealand airline is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "disposable cups" and is trialling edible coffee cups.

The cups are being brought in by Air New Zealand in a battle against waste.

The Kiwi flag carrier, which serves more than eight million cups of coffee a year, says the cups are vanilla-flavoured and leak proof.

The airline added they can double as a dessert bowl.

The airline has been using compostable plant-based cups, but now says its new plan will "remove these totally from landfills".

It said the cups have been a "big hit with customers".

Air New Zealand is trailing the new edible, biscuit-based cups. Credit: Air New Zealand

The airline is now seeking to roll a trial out further and is looking at options to do so.

The company which developed the cup for Air New Zealand, Twiice, said the cup will not crumble like a biscuit, and will "stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer".

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