Christmas is coming, but beware, it could come in a battered ripped box, late or to the wrong address.

For millions, seasonal goods arrive via a range of delivery firms - and dealing with them can be frustrating and expensive - anything but festive.

Now the consumer watchdog for the delivery industry, Citizens Advice, is calling for a full official review by the powerful Competition and Markets Authority.

  • Ben Bruce found his package of beers damaged when it was dropped over his fence

Citizens Advice research released on Thursday says that chasing up missing parcels is costing customers £85 million a year.

On average £10.30 each in extra fuel travel and time off work and almost 60% of online shoppers have had delivery problems this year.

They spoke to over 5000 consumers and found 13% said they had deliveries left in an insecure place.

18% had late deliveries and 13% couldn't get to the door in time to get a delivery before the driver rushed off.

Retailers who send the deliveries have responded saying 85% of customers are satisfied with deliveries – but they are trying new systems.

They say they want customers to get more say in where things are left and more information during the process.

So improvements may be coming but I wouldn’t wait in for them.

  • What do Citizens Advice recommend?

If you have an issue with your parcel delivery, it's the responsibility of the retailer you bought it from to sort it out, Anne Pardoe of Citizens Advice explains.

You should call the retailer and explain what is wrong.

More information can be found on the Citizens Advice website.