Boris Johnson says 'all wings' of Tories want 'to get Brexit done'

Boris Johnson said "all wings" of his party want to "get Brexit done", including every Conservative MP standing at the general election.

Speaking at a rally in Derbyshire, Mr Johnson outlined what the Tories plan to do in its first 100 days in government, should they be successful.

The prime minister repeated campaign pledges to improve infrastructure, boost education and deliver 20,000 more police officers if elected.

He told the crowd: "There's about £150bn worth of foreign investment that will come into this country as soon as we get Brexit done.

"We have a deal, ready to go... We can get it done and in parliament before you cook your Christmas turkey.

"All we need is a working majority to deliver it because every single one of the Conservative candidates has signed up to this deal.

"They haven't been lobotomised. They're doing it voluntarily, they all want to back this deal."

In a wide-ranging speech, Mr Johnson said a vote for Labour would take a "sledge hammer" to the economy and waste time re-running the Scottish independence and EU referendums.

The Conservatives have promised to cut taxes for families in a post-Brexit February budget. Credit: PA

"That is the difference between our one nation approach... The choice is very, very clear. We're a party who backs the police, we want to see serious terms for serious offenders," he said.

"We back our armed forces, we back our armed services, whereas Jeremy Corbyn says he actually wants to disband them.

"We support MI5, the security agencies which keep us safe. Diane Abbott has said she'd get rid of them.

"We back private business and enterprise, like this amazing company here. We want to support enterprise, business and industry. We're going to cut business rates, we're going to be cutting National Insurance contributions for 31 million people in this country.

"We want to support people who work hard. We want to help them with the cost of living, we want to help business in this country."

General Election 2019 timetable Credit: PA Graphics

Mr Johnson said the Conservatives would bring back the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill back to parliament before Christmas.

He said the "flat tyre we have" is the "punctured parliament" and called on voters to back the Tories to get them a working majority, so they can "get Brexit done by the end of January."

The prime minister was asked on ITV’s Peston if everybody will stop talking about Brexit after the end of January, and he said: “Yes, and now let me say something.

“We will have got Brexit done and you will find that it moves, because what will happen is that the parliamentary agony will be over, and the political agony will be over, and the misery and tedium and procrastination that’s been going on will be over.”

Mr Johnson concluded his speech by saying: "We have seven days to do it, seven days to get Brexit done, seven days to end the deadlock, seven days to get out of his three-and-half pitstop and to get this country motoring again."

Tom Brake, Lib Dem Brexit spokesman, said Mr Johnson “pretending that Brexit will be over by January is insulting to the British public."

The prime minister also repeated his assurance that the NHS is not for sale and will not be part of a UK-US trade deal, calling it an "UFO idea."