• Video report and words by ITV News Consumer Correspondent Chris Choi

Today our love of Christmas jumpers was first quantified - and then condemned.

Environmental campaigners from Hubbub say we will buy 12 million seasonal sweaters even though we already have 65 million in our wardrobes.You can pick one up for under £10, which the campaigners say encourages the kind of throw-away fashion culture we need to avoid.

Researchers checked over 100 Christmas jumpers and say 95% contained plastic - mainly acrylic.

Small fibres end up affecting wildlife.

There is a danger that these campaigners will be seen as Christmas killjoys - potentially affecting their future impact. After all this is just one garment, once a year.

Yet they have found an entry point into a far wider debate about disposable fashion.

It’s important to look at solutions.

Buying your Christmas jumper from charity shops or swapping with friends and colleagues can help. Some people are decorating existing pullovers with baubles and tinsel.

It’s all a very useful prod in the eco direction.

We wear Christmas jumpers to spread festive mirth - not plastic micro-fibres.