Transport networks across France crippled as strikes enter third day

Transport networks across France face severe disruption as protests against Emmanuel Macron's pension policies continue into the third day.

Tourists and shoppers faced closed subway lines around Paris and near-empty railways stations as thousands rally against Macron's plans to restructure the country's retirement system.

Truckers have joined in with the strikes over a fuel tax hike, disrupting traffic on highways from Provence in the south-east to Normandy in the north-west.

Rail workers from the CGT union demonstrate in Hendaye, south-western France Credit: Bob Edme.AP

Yellow vest protests are also continuing their weekly demonstrations on Saturday.

However the government remain resolute in the face of the strikes, insisting that workers will not have to work for longer.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in an address he would reveal details of the plan next week.

A woman arrives at a closed subway station in Paris Credit: Rafael Yaghobzadeh/AP

The government said it will not raise the retirement age from 62 but the plan is expected to encourage people to work longer.

Mr Macron says the reform, which will streamline a convoluted system of 42 special pension plans, will make the system more fair and financially sustainable.

Unions see the plan as a threat to hard-fought workers’ rights, and are digging in for what they hope is a protracted strike.

They also plan new nationwide retirement protests on Tuesday.