Residents hoping to raise £200,000 to save 200-year-old village pub

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

Residents in the secluded village of Ridsdale have started a fundraising campaign to save their local pub.

The Gun Inn, located in the tiny Northumberland village, has been the centre of the local community for the past 200 years but is now on the market as the current owner retires.

But for the 80 families who live in the village, the closure of the Gun Inn would tear the heart out of the local community and leave residents facing a £25 cab journey to the nearest pub.

Graham Green, from the Ridsale Community Group, said: "I think its one of those things where you sometimes don't know what you've lost until you've lost it.

The pub has been a key feature in the village for more than 200 years. Credit: ITV News

"People have realised absolutely how important this is as a community place, not just a pub."

Over the years, the community has lost its Post Office, shop and village hall - and the pub itself is facing the prospect of being turned into more houses.

Steeped in tradition, The Gun Inn is one of the few places locals can gather together and see in the new year.

The closure of the Gun Inn would tear the heart out of the local community, residents say. Credit: ITV News

Local resident Kerry Scott said: "New Year's Eve, we meet in the pub, socially have a drink together.

"Then at midnight, we all come out of the pub, meet in the road, all sing Auld Lang Syne together, welcome in the New Year and then go back into the pub."

Residents are desperately trying to raise £200,000 so their end of year traditions can continue for many more years to come.