• Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt

As the final hours tick down on the 2019 General Election campaign, we asked our correspondents who have been shadowing the party leaders to reflect on how the hand-shaking, baby-kissing, door-knocking and stump speeches have gone down.

  • Paul Brand on the Conservative campaign:

What's gone well for the Tories on the campaign trail?

This election has done its best to knock Boris Johnson off course, from flooding to a terror attack and serious concerns about the NHS, but the Prime Minister has remained relentlessly on topic and his core message on Brexit has clearly cut through.

What's gone badly?

Refusing to look at a photo of a four year-old boy on the floor of an A&E department was the moment which called into question whether Boris Johnson really cares about people or power.

What's your abiding moment from the campaign?

Getting the Prime Minister to look me in the eye and promise that he’s never lied in his political career - you decide whether or not you believe him!

  • Libby Wiener on the Labour campaign:

What’s gone well for Labour on the campaign trail?

The NHS has become a key election issue - with Labour unearthing documents showing six rounds of UK-US negotiations, including on how American big pharma could sell more drugs in Britain.

What’s gone badly?

Several days of the campaign were wasted as Jeremy Corbyn refused to apologise for anti-Semitic incidents in the Labour Party.

What’s your abiding moment from the campaign?

The most surprising moment was being told off by Barry Gardiner, a close ally of the Labour leader, for not asking the question he thought I should have asked at a press conference.

I asked about anti-Semitism.

He said it should have been about the NHS.

  • Rebecca Barry on the Liberal Democrat campaign:

What's gone well for the Lib Dems on the campaign trail?

Well, Jo Swinson has always unflinchingly “shown up”.

From singing Christmas carols with the elderly, to toasting marshmallows with toddlers.

She’s agreed to countless prime-time radio and TV debates and interviews... unlike some other leaders.

What's gone badly?

The more people have got to know Jo Swinson, it seems the less popular she has become.

Often the Lib Dems’ messages have failed to successfully cut through the election noise.

What's your abiding moment from the campaign?

When Extinction Rebellion protesters dressed as bees superglued themselves to the Lib Dem electric-powered battle bus.

  • Emma Murphy on the Brexit Party campaign:

What's gone well for the Brexit Party on the campaign trail?

The Brexit Party have had a better response than expected in some of the northern Labour towns

What's gone badly?

But they have struggled to convince potential voters of their view that Boris Johnson’s deal is not all its cracked up to be and that the Brexit Party is worth their vote.

What's your abiding moment from the campaign?

Nigel Farage’s personal popularity in many areas which feel abandoned by traditional politicians.

He may not get the votes but I’d be rich if I had a pound for everyone who said they’d like a drink with him.