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General Election 2019: What you need to know today

Your morning briefing to all the key election news and our latest expert analysis. Credit: ITV News
  • By ITV News Content Producer David Williams

If you thought you had a busy Wednesday...

Save a thought for the leaders of the main parties. All but Nigel Farage (dedicated to Doncaster) are dashing across the land, from constituency to constituency, for rallies, stump speeches and last-gasp photo opportunities.

Why else would Boris Johnson be helping to get the milk in at 6.30 in the morning?

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You know all the key pledges by now, but it'll be worth watching throughout Wednesday as the leaders all make their late push before the eve-of-poll rallies tonight.

ITV News will be sharing all the key speeches and campaign appearances as they happen as we bring our Campaign Live coverage to a close before Thursday's defining day.

The only prediction this note will offer is that after today - whatever the result to come - you won't see a party leader doing a milk round for a while.

You can follow all the key live events on Credit: ITV News

Here’s what's in store today:

  • After his early rise with milk workers in West Yorkshire, Boris Johnson will head to businesses in Derbyshire and South Wales, then campaign in Essex before delivering a speech at a Tory campaign rally in East London
  • Jeremy Corbyn will begin the day in Glasgow before addressing a rally in Middlesbrough. He'll then make his way south - via campaigns stop in Rother Valley, Broxtowe and Bedford - before Labour's eve-of-poll rally in London
  • Jo Swinson and Deputy Leader Ed Davey will lead a series of rallies with activists in Esher and Walton, Guildford, Wimbledon, and Carshalton and Wallington to mark the final day of the election campaign
  • Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will campaign in Doncaster
  • Nicola Sturgeon will campaign in Edinburgh, take First Minister's Questions in Holyrood then head back out for visits to Stirling, East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow
  • Jackson Carlaw, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, and former leader Ruth Davidson will be leading an election rally in Edinburgh
  • Plaid Cymru will also publish a new draft law which would make lying by politicians a criminal offence

Here's what's making Wednesday's early election headlines:

The view from the campaigns

Paul Brand looks at the PM's pledge card as he prepares to track him through England and Wales.

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Libby Wiener says Jeremy Corbyn's whirlwind day will hope to convince potential doubters in the country and possibly within his own ranks.

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Rachel Younger looks ahead to a climactic last day in the Lib Dem campaign as Jo Swinson bids to oust the foreign secretary.

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Emma Murphy looks at the latest odds and ponders a nightmare scenario for Nigel Farage.

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Calling Peston: The ITV News Election Podcast

Shehab Khan and Daniel Hewitt have called Robert throughout the campaign. Credit: ITV News

It may have been "banter" while "joking around" but do Jonathan Ashworth's crushing comments about Jeremy Corbyn represent the private thoughts of other Labour MPs standing for election?

And what kind of damage will they have done to the Labour campaign?

Those are the key questions put to Robert by Shehab and Daniel.

Our dynamic duo also take in the thoughts of the ITV News Correspondents tirelessly tracking the main campaigns on the road as the end comes into view. Where do the parties stand heading into Thursday?

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Today's question: Why has immigration taken a back seat in this election?

Who gets to stay; who gets shown the door?

It’s a big and important question, writes ITV News Correspondent John Ray.

After all, the widely held desire to see migration reduced fuelled the Brexit vote.

So three years on, it might seem odd that the issue hasn’t merited much of a mention in this election.

Meanwhile, the main parties' manifestos are long on slogans and short on detail.

Or perhaps, given the toxic nature of the debate and the tough decisions to be made, that lack of precision isn’t a surprise at all.

Read more from John.

How Bob Dylan inspired Boris Johnson's latest campaign pitch

Andrew Lincoln's Love Actually scene played on a Bob Dylan visual gag, now aped by Boris Johnson.

It's more than a half century since Bob Dylan sung "Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine. I'm on the pavement, thinking about the government" in a backstreet behind one of London's big hotels.

He also warned "don't follow leaders" as he backed up his Chuck Berry-inspired Subterranean Homesick Blues with cue cards dropped in front of the camera with poet Alan Ginsberg watching on.

But it seems this election's leaders have followed him, borrowing the format, albeit unknowingly, by referencing the Love Actually scene with Andrew Lincoln which popularly riffed on Dylan's card-carrying idea.

Rupert Evelyn looks at how Boris Johnson's attempt went down on social media and which other campaigners had got there first.

What Mary Nightingale learned listening to voters in Wrexham

It took five weeks and a tour of the UK to get the most succinct take on the main party leaders, writes ITV News Presenter Mary Nightingale.

"Jo Swinson, she’s too wet behind the ears – needs more experience. Jeremy Corbyn’s on another planet, and Boris Johnson’s a clown."

So declared chief brewer Vaughan, at Wrexham Lager, when I asked who’d get his vote.

He shrugged and rolled his eyes.

It’s a look I’ve seen many times on my travels: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England and finally Wales.

A look that says voters see what’s on offer – and frankly, they’re not impressed.

Read what else Mary learned from voters in Wrexham and watch her report above.

60 Sec Elec Manifestos: What are the parties offering voters?

Still making your mind up before Thursday? Credit: PA

All through the election ITV Central has been giving its audience swift daily summaries from the campaign under the banner 60 Sec Elec.

Here, in this comprehensive article, they offer minute-long explainers of the main parties' key manifesto pledges.

So still confused by what the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, Brexit Party and the Greens are offering you?

It'll take you just over 300 Secs to find out...

Plus, for the last time, here are your...

Here's the best of Tuesday's campaign stories:

What's happening away from the election?

Here's what else is making the news today: